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Critical Acclaim

Soul Supreme


“Jóhann Kristinsson (Fiorello ) und Na’ama Shulman (Berta), beide Mitglieder, des Opernstudios, hingegen, zeigten, dass es auch in kleineren Partien möglich ist, positiv aufzufallen. Dies gilt insbesondere für Na’ama Shulman, die aus ihrer klenenArie ein wahres Kabinettstückchen machte.”


Pamela Hickman's Concert Critique Blog

"There was a line-up of excellent singers - soprano Na’ama Shulman as an empathic, appealing and convincing Pamina"


Amplified Sound

“I’ve been to a few Na'ama Shulman performances, and it never ceases to amaze me how they perform each song with such passion and enthusiasm, just as if it were the first time they were playing it live.”

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“Combining their inventive sound with a forward-thinking musicality, Na'ama Shulman consistently manage to hit all the right notes. With undeniably unique songs and engaging performances, this is one Classical Singer to keep your eyes (and ears) on.”

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